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Pale is a project that involved designing and visualizing an apartment that will be carefully composed to accommodate a set of images for branding purposes. We were committed to produce a bright flat with enlarged spaces, in modern minimalistic mood, maximizing as much natural light as possible. Having finished with our commercial part we got to develop our project a step further.



In the technical aspects, having finished with key framing of camera movements our purpose was  to give life and experiment with some props. Our intention was to achieve a feeling of a breeze that penetrates the main bedroom. With that being said we used Marvelous Designer to implement a wind simulation in order to give a slightly movement. Additionally a waving flame was added to the candle to enhance the flurry effect, which technical knowledge was absorbed by Johannes Lindqvist inspiring tutorials found on Patreon.


In the book close up shot we chose the Friendly Shade's Cotton Fabric 02 that pops up every little detail of the blanket's surface. As orange is the dominant colour in this shot we were looking for some kind of dried plant textures to pair it. We ended up using the megascans library, which variaty let us great freedom to choose.

Several scanned textures from both resources were used throughout Pale.

C a c t u s.


The following project' s brief was about making some still images that will support a dark composition with a bit of Scandinavian touches. Our commission was to focus more on the props and the general mood of the space. With that being said we started planning our space and the furnishing layout to achieve a bright and moody feeling with some elegant touches. We pumped most of our inspiration from the "Green Home Book". To accomplish the dark - restricted feeling there were used some classic furniture as the Madison Leather Sofa from Restoration Hardware and the LC-2 Armchair by Le Corbusier whose boxy shape effected massively to our rigid atmosphere but in a more cozy and warm version which was achieved by using velvet fabric. On the other hand a white string bookshelf, some greenery and the props on the black marbled - wenge console were placed to produce the Nordic mood.


        Having finished with our commercial part of still images we came back to the project some weeks later. Having both of us an Interior design studies background, our purpose was to learn and experiment with Architectural animation. Having already some very basic knowledge on key framming and animating objects, we had to put some effort to turn this interior scene into a small video on our office workstations.

The project was made with 3ds max, Corona renderer, Photoshop and After Effects.

Christmas teaser.

The following video formes a non commercial project that We develop, our aim was a Christmas interior set up, we had about 4 days to produce it before our Christmas holidays.

Our intension was to focus on a crisp bright space that will produce the Christmas warmth atmosphere. With that being said we started planning our frame and choosing the props that will help us reproduce the Christmas spirit, having in mind that music plays a massive role to an animation video we thought that a minimal vinyl turntable will help us with the mood and at the same time will add a nostalgic tone to the image. We ended up dividing the scene into three depth layers, in the foreground we used some iconic Christmas touches like the Christmas tree with some ornaments and blinking lights, as a second layer which was our focusing point in the scene we placed the turntable and as the background layer we filled up the image with some wrapped gifts, cardboard paper roll and candles just to boost the Christmas playful atmosphere.

In the technical aspect after setting up the composition our most time consuming part was key framing the turntable.

Music: Notorious B.I.G. x Cookin Soul | Ready For Xmas | Juicy Xmas

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